What Can I Do?

Well, you could do nothing. That’s pretty easy to pull off, but it won’t change the world.

If you want to show some support for Pro-Choice, or register your disgust at the CCBR, the next best thing is to donate. We’re taking donations for the National Abortion Federation‘s Patient Assistance Fund, which helps women who cannot afford to have an abortion or pay for contraception. Just follow this link to reach the proper page. It’s slightly more strenuous than doing nothing, but it’ll make a small difference.

To make a larger difference, help us poster Calgary or Edmonton. Thanks to public indifference, the CCBR has had the public square largely to itself. By the simple act of putting up a poster, you broaden the discussion and help the Pro-Choice side of the issue become more visible. A set of posters are available here and here; start printing them off and posting them up!

A preview image for our posters.

It’s easy to ignore silently donated money or quiet little posters, but much tougher to ignore the person standing in front of you. It shows that your ideas won’t go unchallenged, and hints that for every one person that bothered to show up, ten agreed but couldn’t or didn’t make it. Help us send the CCBR a clear signal that their views don’t represent those of most Canadians, and never will, by joining us in Edmonton! We’ll be at the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy, on the second floor in room 490, between 7:30 and 9:15 on June 6th. Bring your favorite poster, but keep it civil. We don’t want to look like the fanatics in that room.


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