The Endgame

I’ve been wondering. What if the the Anti-Choice crowd got their way?

The first problem is deciding on a sentence for a woman who has an abortion. Since they consider the fetus to be a person, and the act is definitely premeditated, the obvious sentence is first-degree murder. In Canada, that carries a 25 year sentence. Since the average woman who has an abortion is 25 and has one child at home, that would effectively end their reproductive career and wrench them from their families. As we know that making abortion illegal doesn’t have much effect on the abortion rate, one-third of middle-aged women in Canada had an abortion, and there are about three million middle-aged women in Canada, well…. we’re gonna need bigger jails. And would you want to see a woman who’d been impregnated through rape get a 25 year jail term?

Didn’t think so.

The second problem is that the Anti-Choice crowd is selective about protecting life. About half of all conceptions end in a natural abortion, before the mother is even aware she is pregnant, which far outstrips the number of fetuses lost to abortions, which stands at one quarter. We know that some of the conceptions would have developed normally if they had managed to properly implant, based on animal models. We have the technology to stop this genocide, too; isolate all fertile women from men, and strictly regulate copulation. To raise the rate of implantation, we can use in-vitro fertilization. It’s very doable

And yet, Anti-Choice advocates completely ignore this “genocide” for some reason. Odd.


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