More Transportation Options

EDIT: Due to logistical problems, we’ve had to move the 9:00AM caravan to 3:30PM. All those effected have been notified, and the rest of the caravan is going as planned. Sorry for any confusion!

I’m proud to announce that we now have two options for transportation!

If you need to work that day or the next, you’ll want to hop on the caravan which leaves from Dalhousie Station at 3:30PM on the 6th, and heads to the Edmonton Jubilee Auditorium’s parking lot at 7:00PM. It returns to Calgary immediately after the event. To book a seat on that one, contact HJ Hornbeck.

If time isn’t an issue, then you can take the caravan which leaves the downtown Mac’s store parking lot at 9:00AM on the 6th. As befitting its more leisurely pace, that caravan will be able to do the tourist thing around Edmonton, and plans on staying overnight, with a leisurely departure back home on the 7th. To book a seat there, contact Kelly Fischer. If you are staying the night, you’d better book a room stat! Kelly recommends the Hi-Edmonton Hostel.

In both cases, you’ll be expected to chip in some funds for gas, as the cost of a round trip is roughly $50 per car.


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