How to deal with the NAC

I was just handed an excellent article by Jane Cawthorne and
Joyce Arthur on that very subject. I recommend clicking to the ARCC’s website to read it in full, but I can’t help quoting two parts here. First, a sub-set of what you can do:

  1. Focus on the audience (passers-by) instead of the protesters. Appeal to them. Be creative.
  2. Include fun positive actions, satire, or costumes (dancing genitalia have been used in Calgary).
  3. Put on some music and dance. Drown out their preachers.
  4. Give out cookies, condoms, balloons, or what have you. Ask a local sexual health centre for freebies.
  5. Celebrate the real Abortion Caravan and its historic accomplishments.

And a bullet list of what you can expect:

  • They will invade your Facebook pages and blogs, and quote your pro-choice comments without your consent or knowledge in their press and articles.
  • They may try to infiltrate your organizing meetings, pretending to be one of you and urging disruptive or violent actions.
  • They will photograph and film everyone at the demonstration, probably hoping to get pro-choice people on record so they can quote them later (perhaps out of context), or collect evidence to use in legal action.
  • They may attempt to engage you and enrage you, and try to provoke you into doing something rash. Don’t take the bait.
  • They will spin any minor incident to make pro-choicers look bad. Under no circumstances should there be physical contact or violence. (Don’t set up your counter protest too close to the CCBR one.)

Again, the full article is worth your time.


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