A personal decision

One thing largely absent from the abortion debate is the voice of people who have actually had abortions. There’s a weird culture of shame around the act, probably due to the whims of religion. It removes the voice of the most important person in this conversation, the woman having an abortion.

So I was quite happy to have stumbled on this first-person account of why one woman aborted.

That was a lot of TMI, I know. But I am telling you this to press a point.

I am making a decision.

The only thing that makes my abortion decision different from anyone else’s abortion decision is that some people who are against abortion will think that my abortion is acceptable.

Some. Not all. Maybe not even most. I honestly have no idea. My life is not in danger, after all. I have not been raped. I merely think that I might not want to sit around, feeling the symptoms of pregnancy, for god knows how long, until a heartbeat stops and the ripping pain kicks in and the blood starts flowing on its own.

Let me be clear. I have options. It’s just that they all suck. That’s kind of how bad news related to pregnancy works.

I suggest reading it, then thinking about abortion from a pregnant woman’s view. I also suggest reading to the end; has some excellent words about another taboo subject, miscarriage.


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